From the Director

Dear Parents,

Our school has served the Evanston community and its surrounding areas for 100 years, providing a gentle, caring atmosphere that promotes the joys of learning for children from pre-school through first grade.

The Barbereux School reflects the best in early childhood education. Our young students are free to develop their innate creative and intellectual abilities, while acquiring the skills and knowledge they need. Equally important, their social and emotional growth flourishes in this supportive setting, as individual interests, cooperation, and self-confidence are tenderly nurtured.

Our highly qualified faculty present a comprehensive program of hands-on learning activities that intrigue our young students and develop critical thinking skills. Solid foundations are built for future academic achievement. Each classroom includes carefully planned activities in literature, math, science, social studies, music, and art. We practice differentiation of curriculum according to the abilities and needs of each individual child.

Every child at Barbereux is a cherished member of our diverse school community. We want all students to enjoy their time here, whether during the school day or extended care. The spontaneous joy that characterizes our students is a sure sign of their delight in the pleasures of learning in an environment in which they feel comfortable and secure.

Please look over our website and consider how your child could benefit from this rich educational environment. You are invited to call the school at 847‑864‑3215 for more information, and to make an appointment to come in and visit us. See for yourself why so many children love the happy years they spend at The Barbereux School, learning, playing, and growing. We welcome your inquiry!

Cathy Kurtz, Director