Preschool and Junior Kindergarten

Our Curriculum

Learning through play is a fundamental feature of our program, and this perspective is infused into all curricula areas. This learning environment is accompanied by direct instruction where appropriate and as the children become ready. Goals for both classrooms are similar. Teachers choose activities of suitable length and developmental level, depending on the needs of the groups as well as the individuals within the group.


Language and Pre Reading

We all love a good story and a good storyteller. Good storytelling and good literature is the foundation of our rich literary environment. Children create their own stories in groups or individually where they may dictate it to their teachers. Through this activity they develop cognitive skills of patterns, storytelling, sequencing, logical consequences, and different cultural patterns.

Mathematics — Concepts

Math games and extensive use of math manipulatives foster the development of number sense, one to one correspondence between numbers and objects and math vocabulary.

Activities through which our young students develop mathematical interest, enjoyment, understanding, confidence and problem-solving skills include investigations, comparing and matching, counting, shape identification, sorting and classifying, ordering of numbers, sequencing, simple measuring, puzzle making, playing of math games, and group problem-solving.


Project Work

Project Work is an entire unit that is developed to reflect the interest of all members of the class. Typical units which the teachers plan include Friendship, Fall, and Five Senses, but most units and activities are geared toward the interests of the current group of children, which might include Construction, Cicadas, Space, or Castles. For a particular unit, activities in all curricular areas are planned. The children will read, write about, use math skills, experiment, investigate, and partake in music and art projects.